episode four: saying NO to perfectionism


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the woolens project

Thank God for air conditioning. It means that even when it’s 90 degrees out, it’s still sweater knitting weather indoors.

I’ve just pinned my far hills scarf from Jared Flood’s book Woolens to the blocking board. Normally I hate knitting scarves. They seem to go on and on and on. But this time was a case of right pattern, right yarn, right time. When I cast on the scarf, about ten days ago, I already had two other projects on the needles–both recently cast-on. I’d also planned to use my three skeins of Plucky Knitter traveler aran (merino, silk, and yak) for a Christmas sweater. From the beginning, then, this scarf had everything working against its completion. But still my knitter intuition called.


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